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Textile Surface Design Guild – 30 Years in Lethbridge!


A passion for and interest in exploring the artistic potential of fibre and textiles was the source of inspiration for the creation of the Textile Surface Design Guild in 1981.  The examples of work shown in this gallery illustrate the diverse and ongoing artistic interests and explorations of guild members since that time. These recent pieces were shown in the 30th anniversary exhibition: Journeys in Surface Design.

Surface design refers to any process that gives structure, pattern, colour, visual complexity and depth to fibre and fabric, as well as to other surfaces within the context of art and design. Techniques used to transform these surfaces include, but are not limited to, dyeing, painting, silkscreen, stamping, stencilling, felting, collage, stitching, cutting, piecing and embellishing. Traditional techniques from across the world as well as traditional textiles from the past are often intertwined with new insights to produce intriguing and thoughtful work.


Photos by David Tanaka used with permission, no unauthourized use is allowed