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35th Anniversary Show

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  • Deanna Brouwer, Fashion Design, Lethbridge College

The members of the Textile Surface Design Guild have shown a deep willingness to grow and a profound capability to push the boundaries of the realm of textiles. The exhibition gives us a collection of experience through work that crosses media and includes the conceptual, symbolic, and playful.

  • Darcy Logan, Casa Curator
 I have  always been incredibly impressed by the pieces produced by the TSDG, and what I saw submitted for the “Spreading Branches” exhibition was no exception.
The work not only evidenced highly individual creations of skillful execution, but a strong studio ethic & commitment to the development of the artists’ practices.
  • Jon Oxley, University of Lethbridge
“Branches Spreading – a Single Stem” beautifully illustrates the analogy of the healthy forest community where the web nurtures all members and the greater diversity. There is also an amazing natural balance between works that are literal expressions of the theme, and works that are metaphorical. All of these artists have demonstrated a deep and complex relationship with the natural world as they personally experience and know it.